Learn scientific English to improve readability of your future manuscripts.
WORD-APPLIED is a web-tool to enable non-native English speakers to easily learn scientific English. It is based on natural language processing and text maining achieved by techniques including phrase frequency analysis and phrase-co-occurrence analysis.
Construct the phrase word by word
  • Quickly find words for your new manuscript
  • Easily build phrases
  • Learn scientific style
  • Get confidence in your written English
  • Improve readability of your new manuscript
  • Improve chance for acceptance and citation
Imitative learning One of the effective methods to improve writing skills is to practice imitative learning. Look up for statements of similar style from professional documents and inherit some aspects into your writing. WORD-APPLIED provides a perfect platform for practicing imitative learning.
Get linguistic patterns The modern scientific article has evolved a specialised language and prose style, adapted for efficient communication with other professionals engaged in similar research. WORD-APPLIED combs the largest collection of full-text scientific, technical and health publications to find specific linguistic patterns in your field of study. It automatically shows how words, abbreviations and uncommon scientific terms should be arranged in a grammatical construction.
Construct the phrase word by word
Quickly find text examples New scientific facts are largely described by analogy to current knowledge. In order to find corresponding texts, WORD-APPLIED guides you through alternative words and short phrase combinations.
Use more words and phrases With WORD-APPLIED you will use a lot more word combinations instead of “playing it safe” by repeating the same phrases over and over again. Our unique algorithm suggests alternative words and phrases and ranks them according to their occurrence in real articles.
Improve readability As research becomes increasingly global, interdisciplinary and collaborative, we need to identify linguistic patterns that are best for readability of scientific reports. WORD-APPLIED empowers you to make an even greater impact in your discipline.
  • Increase the chances of acceptance for publication
  • Increase the impact of your manuscript within the research community
  • Accelerate understanding and acceptance of your research
  • Increase the faith of readers in the quality of your research
WORD-APPLIED is designed to serve the linguistic needs across the entire academic community. It is used by academics, professionals, researchers, corporate institutions, and upper-graduate students in life science and medicine. See institutions we serve
Empowering Science
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